UMPI is an associate member of the TALQ consortium and has just successfully achieved the international TALQ certification of its gateway, Andros Live, the beating heart of Umpi smart lighting solution.

Umpi per l'interoperabilità

For more than 10 years, the TALQ consortium has established its global presence as the reference organization for the principles of interoperability and standardization of Smart Cities..

This success represents another important step towards an increasingly open and interoperable solution. We are sure that this will bring significant benefits not only to Italian cities, but also to those around the world, who wish to optimize and undertake the digitization process of their assets.

In order to present its new technological evolutions and new certifications, Umpi, in November 2023, will fly to Barcelona and will participate together with TALQ in the largest and most influential event, worldwide, for cities and urban innovation: Smart City Expo World Congress (07-09 November 2023)