A framework distribution agreement has been signed between the two international companies, UMPI based in Italy and LUMINEXT in the Netherlands.

Umpi partnership Luminext

Two high-profile companies with solid and recognized know-how, which have chosen to combine their skills and broaden their offer portfolio.

UMPI is the company of the DigitalPlatforms S.p.A Group, among the most active and known at national level for the use, engineering, and direct development of wireless technologies (RF and Nb-IoT) and powerline (PLC) aimed at managing energy, Smart Lighting and services for Smart Cities.

LUMINEXT is a leading Dutch company specialized in Smart Lighting software development. Luminext has a has developed an advanced CMS platform for outdoor lighting, focused on asset management, maintenance management, intervention ticket creation and statistical analysis for cities and large scale industrial facilities. Over the years has worked on the integration of different technologies into the platform (PLC and RF)

For this purpose, UMPI has been identified by LUMINEXT as exclusive supplier of NB-IoT smart solutions for street lighting control as completion of their products portfolio for the Smart Lighting applications embedded on Luminext’s CMS platform “Luminizer”.

A virtuous development model that completes Luminext’s integrated energy efficiency systems, remote management and territory monitoring solutions, to the benefit of both people and the environment, providing flexible and open architecture applications to the cities of the future.