Umpi accomplished a new important project in Abu Dhabi - UAE: the new Mina Zayed Tunnel.

Smart Lighting Solution UAE UMPI

The contract is part of the broader construction project of a new road network in the port area of Mina Zayed, bound to become a major commercial hub, connected to the main arteries of the city.

Specifically, the tunnel belongs to the phase 1 which consisted of the construction of open tunnels (2075 m) and closed tunnels on two levels (1325 m), which provide a smooth flow of traffic between the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed bridge and the Sheikh Zayed tunnel /Corniche Road, in both directions, and directional tunnel ramps.

In total the tunnel consists into 3 two-way tubes for the first level and a one-way tube on the second level, reaching up to 6 lanes of driving direction for the main entrance located on Saadiyat Marina side.

Specifically, Umpi astechnology provider has supplied the lighting control system for the 4 sub-stations with more than 1.500 lighting controllers based on PowerLine Communication, for the tunnel’s lamps switching, dimming and constant monitoring.

The integration of the Umpi remote lighting control devices in the tunnel’s Operation Center through a SCADA platform allows the real-time and effective monitoring of conditions inside the tunnel itself, guaranteeing high safety standard.