Minos System


What is Minos System?

Remote management up to the single lighting point, energy saving, integrated services of public utility and security for the smart city: Minos System is the system that revolutionizes the management and use of the public and external lighting network.


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 Remote control up to the single light point

Thanks to the installation of the Syra module in series with the power supply line, Minos System constantly monitors every lighting point of the lighting system.

In this way it is possible to monitor the lamp operating status h34 and to detect any anomalies or faults in detail.

The advantages of the conveyed waves

Through the use of the conveyed wave transmission technique, Minos System communicates with the single lamp using the existing electrical grid, without having to add new and expensive wiring.

The system can thus decide in a flexible way, in which area and at what time to send commands to the lighting point for switching on, off or reducing the luminous flux, as well as receiving information on the status of the lamp.

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Saving environmentally friendly

Minos System helps to respect the environment and the objectives set by international treaties.

Through energy saving and maintenance scheduling, it limits the consumption of fossil fuels by helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

And with the immediate reporting of the fault, it also eliminates possible waste emitted in the air from the lamps. It also reduces light pollution thanks to the possibility of deciding when to switch on, switch off or reduce the light flux of each light point.

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With Minos X everything under "remote control"

With Minos System you can control and manage the lighting network with simplicity and comfort. The Minos X software is designed to offer all the advantages of the internet world.

All it takes is a click and wherever you are you have the possibility to visualize the status of the systems and to check every light point with the maximum security.

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Not just light, a new intelligent network

Thanks to its innovative technological solutions, Minos System transforms the lighting network into the most widespread communication infrastructure already present on the territory and the lamp post in a new intelligent support able to integrate public utility services to make cities more Smart, safe and eco-friendly .

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Maximum safety and compatibility

Minos System effectively meets all the requirements of safety and compatibility with the existing technical reality. All cabinet and lamp control devices are designed to ensure immunity to atmospheric agents and withstand internal temperatures. The modules of the system are totally compatible with electrical panels and lamps of all types, power and brand.

Any failure or tampering with the Minos System devices does not alter the lighting system that continues to operate normally.

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