Umpi X-perience platform

Cartographic visualization of the plants, remote control of the single light point, remote reading of electrical and weather parameters, automatic statistics, anomaly reporting in real time, integrated management of services for the Smart City and more.

With Umpi X-perience managing the lighting network has never been easier.

Everything under control wherever you are ...

Remote control light point

Umpi X perience allows to remotely control all the light points managed by Minos System and Ermes System with ease, without wasting time, wherever you are.

With a simple click you can view the complete installation, the detail of lamp faults, program the on / off and reduce the luminous flux of each lamp or groups of lamps in order to achieve the desired energy saving.

Umpi X-perience Energy

Umpi X-perience Energy graphically displays all the electrical parameters of the lighting system (voltage, active power, power factor, active and reactive energy, signal frequency, harmonic distortions) to know:

  • how much energy you are actually consuming;
  • if there are problems on the power line;
  • what is the actual energy savings.

Umpi X-perience Map

With Umpi X-perience Map you can view in cartographic format, on the map of your territory, all the status information of the system that Minos and Ermes System records on a daily basis.

It is possible: to search for the light points or the selected panels from the Umpi X-perience tree menu; edit the map contents by entering information on lighting points and panels; insert, move and remove light points and panels in a defined area; adapt the image resolution based on the screen size.

Astronomic watch

How many times have you seen the lights of street lamps lit during the day? This happens because in the traditional management of lighting, it is a twilight photocell that decides the switching on and off of the lights. Often, however, the photocell is dirty or faulty, causing unwanted ignition and consequent energy waste.

With the astronomical clock this problem is definitely solved. By setting latitude, longitude, time zone, civil twilight value of the system, all the lights come on and off simultaneously at the right time all year round, saving up to 8% of energy.

Umpi X-perience Weather

Umpi X-perience offers a complete and punctual meteorological service by connecting with the weather stations installed on the territory.

It is possible to know the current meteorological situation and make future predictions by remote reading the following parameters: temperature, humidity, pressure, intensity of rainy phenomena, indicator of physical wellbeing, intensity of UVA rays, improvement / worsening forecasts with details on the possibility of thunderstorms, hail, fog, frost.


Umpi X-perience creates automatic statistics with detailed reports on each remote controlled light point.

It is thus possible to display in numerical format, percentage and 3D chart all the faults divided by type, to know how many lamps are switched on, off or on at reduced power and their hours of operation.

Real Time reporting

With Umpi X-perience it is possible to view the operating status of the electrical cabinet in real time. It is possible to click on the panel (from the map or from the menu) to get the status of the inputs/outputs/Wattmeters/consumption/groups and also send ignition commands with a click.

Even the status of a single light point can be recovered with a click on the map or on a tree menu in real time.

Scenario creation

With Umpi X-perience it is possible to create groups of lamps by multiple selection directly from the map and immediate assignment of the group they belong to. It is also possible to include the light points also belonging to different electrical cabinets or create mixed groups between various cabinets.