Where there is a light point, there are Minos and Ermes

Cities, railway stations, motorways, airports, ports, car parks, sports facilities. Where there is a lighting network and a light point Minos System and/or Ermes System can create savings, efficiency and new services, guaranteeing, in any application sphere, maximum compatibility with the existing technical reality.

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Public lighting

Minos and Ermes are the ideal solution to make the management of public lighting truly intelligent, combining quality of service, energy saving, environmental protection and citizen safety.

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Artistic lighting

Minos and Ermes allow to make intelligent the artistic lighting management by enhancing the historical, artistic and landscape heritage and contributing to the re-evaluation of particular value areas.

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Road and Highways

Minos and Ermes allow you to view the status of the lamps, monitor faults, anomalies and deterioration, ensure a high degree of maintenance efficiency by reducing the intervention times.

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Railway stations

The railway stations have different needs related to the lack of homogeneity of the systems (lights, canopies, light towers, drainage systems, etc.). Minos and Ermes with Arki System, thanks to their flexibility, cover every need in this context.

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Minos and Ermes allow especially in ports to create significant energy savings and maintenance, ensuring a precise control of the light towers combining the activities loading and unloading adjustment programs.

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In airport areas the need to achieve management savings while maintaining high safety standards is greatly increased. Minos and Ermes with the Smart Airport Solutions guarantee the possibility of having everything under control in real time.

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Minos and Ermes with Arki System allow to guarantee, according to the traffic and external brightness, a punctual control of the system up to the single light point, reducing the luminous flux when necessary.

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Sport facilities

Minos and Ermes allow you to manage all the points of light up to the light towers, analyzing faults and anomalies in real time, solving the problem quickly without loss of time.

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Industrial areas

The Minos and Ermes solutions are particularly suitable for industrial areas where energy savings are significantly higher. The need for lighting is mainly linked to the flow of people and vehicles.