Vertical services

Not just light but a new platform of services ready to be connected.
Thanks to the Umpi X-perience innovative technological solutions, Minos System and Ermes System transform public lighting systems into the most extensive communication network present on the urban and extra-urban territory.

The lamp thus becomes a new smart support able to integrate and activate a wide range of services to improve the quality of life and make the city smarter, safer and eco-friendly.

Not just light, the city becomes Smart....

Safety and Video surveillance

Thanks to the high-speed PLC technology and the H24 power supplied to the lighting systems, Minos System allows the quick and flexible installation of IP cameras, thus creating an effective video surveillance system in a short time. Even with Ermes and radio technology it is possible to install surveillance cameras.

With this innovative solution, the authorized user, through a simple internet browser, can easily and remotely control the camera and monitor the territory wherever it is.


The problem of traffic monitoring, providing real-time changes in vehicle flow, has now been overcome thanks to the Wise Traffic Controller (WTC) solution designed for this need.
WTC is a revolutionary device able to provide real-time indications on the traffic of vehicles traveling on urban and extra-urban roads and to classify the category (motorcycles, cars, trucks) and average speed.

It is a fundamental tool for obtaining information useful for the construction of a PRIC (Municipal Lighting Plan).

Smart parking

Having the information to find parking in a short time is a solution to reduce the problems of mobility and reduce the pollution of the city.
Power Parking System (PPS) is the innovative platform that allows parking and mobility to be managed quickly and easily in urban and suburban areas.

Thanks to Umpi X-perience, through public lighting, it enables the management of a network of sensors for monitoring the stalls, park payments and checking for possible infringements.

Monitoring of waste abandonment

Thanks to Minos System and Ermes System, it is possible to monitor, in full respect of privacy, urban and suburban areas where discharge is prohibited, alerting in real time the urban police to be able to intervene promptly, in order to ensure compliance with regulations against the abandonment of waste.

Using the existing power lines, it is possible to quickly and easily reconfigure the monitoring service which is thus flexible and adaptable.

Electric vehicles

Thanks to Umpi X-perience, public lighting systems can also be powered during the day, allowing quick and easy installation of a series of charging points for electric vehicles such as cars, bicycles, scooters, segways, wheelchairs for the disabled, forklifts, etc.

Accessible, multifunctional, interconnected, payment on demand, fully certified, these are the main plus of the Active Charging System solution to manage and remotely monitor the charging columns.

Wifi connection

Minos and Ermes System transform lighting systems into an extended LAN network and streetlights into communication nodes on which WI-FI hot-spot can be installed, to provide a low-cost infrastructural internet service.

An effective and fast response to eliminate the digital divide and allow citizens and users to navigate in a capillary way.

Smart Information

The H24 power supply of the systems supplied by the Minos devices already connected for the remote management of public lighting, allows the installation of information and advertising displays, multimedia totems, without additional wiring, offering the possibility to create messages and schedules for every need in an easy way it's fast.

Environmental monitoring

Through the Umpi X-perience software it is possible to view in real time, the detail of all the weather parameters recorded on its territory (humidity, wind, temperature, pressure, rainy phenomena, UVA intensity) thus providing a real forecasting service. Through informative displays or text messages, the end user can be notified in case of particular dangerous conditions (ex: ice, excessive wind intensity, copious rainfall).

In addition, various types of sensors can be integrated into the system such as those for air quality monitoring or noise pollution monitoring which
can provide relevant information on which to plan activities concerning the city and its resources.

Smart Metering

With Minos System and Ermes System, it is possible to remotely read smart gas and water meters installed near public lighting systems. This allows to reduce the costs for the readings which, being carried out more frequently and automatically by the system, no longer require the operator intervention on site.