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The COVID-19 emergency is triggering the proliferation of physical security measures, for completely new types, supported and pushed by ministerial decrees and evolving regulations.
The pandemic phase 2 beginning and the subsequent phase 3, are creating a series of new needs, to date sketched in the Minister of Health words and in the Law Decrees texts passed for the emergency, which will force companies to acquire containment systems and active monitoring of potential contagion sources and company office protection, whether open to the public or not.
UMPI, thanks to its previous experience in the Smart Cities and in the biometric one, responds to these needs with a complete range of different systems that allow to detect the body temperature both of large flows of people over large areas and by managing single access gates.
The new range of Umpi products will be essential to keep epidemics under control through a first screening on people who access a specific place by monitoring body temperature and automatically intercepting suspected cases.

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