Overgreen, the VIDA project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 that helps growers to farm with innovative tools and a lower environmental footprint, ended on Friday 5 March. Overgreen tackles three major global challenges to:

- help growers dealing with climate change;

- make food healthier.

– rendere il cibo più sano.

The field test has been carried on from end of July 2020 until the beginning of March 2021, spanning over different seasons, during which Overgreen has been working in different areas of the greenhouse and on different crops.

UMPI contributed with innovative sensors that can cover a large area with unprecedented cost-effectiveness.

This project proved that a grower using Overgreen can cut water consumption for irrigation and the usage of agro-chemicals, both by 50%, leading to a lower environmental footprint and higher food healthiness.

The project has been successfully completed but Umpi, with Evjapartner, decided to continue their cooperation and are evaluating the go-to-market strategy for the Overgreen technology.