Umpi - Termocamera installata hotel Kursaal

The prestigious Kursaal hotel in Cattolica restarts with Umpi technologies to welcome tourists during the 2020 season in safety.
Thinking about its customers, the Kursaal hotel has taken the necessary security measures to make the holiday a moment of serenity and harmony, without worries.
Among the measures taken, the hotel has chosen to install the UMPI BT-TC8 thermoscanner at the entrance hall, which allows the detection of body temperature by carrying out a first screening on the people who access the hotel and automatically intercepting suspected cases. Temperature detection is reliable and fast, with an accuracy of ± 0.3 ° C.
Compared with the short range thermometer guns, the device is much more reliable, comfortable and safe as it does not require the presence of a nearby operator.
The BT-TC8 thermoscanner also has the ability to detect the presence or not of the antivirus mask, making access to the hotel safer.