Umpi Srl is a company with completely Italian technology that has been manufacturing, for over 40 years, intelligent products and systems based on powerline and radio wireless technology. With over 800,000 smart points worldwide distributed, the UMPI automation system revolutionizes the management and use of public and private lighting networks.

The world is changing, objects evolve by integrating sensors and, by connecting to the network, they offer new services that help us in everyday life. Cities become smart and adapt to our needs UMPI takes part as a protagonist in this digital evolution designing and creating products and solutions that transform the infrastructure of our cities (lighting, energy, water, transport ..) into intelligent grids.

UMPI solutions, from lighting remote management to environment monitoring, allow private companies and public bodies to save energy, reduce management costs, increase efficiency and introduce new services and business models.

Beyond the fourty-years experience on solutions based on PLC & Wireless communication nowadays UMPI, with the new Group's Business Unit "DP Innovation"adds new skills to develop state-to-the-art platforms and open to the current and forth-coming standards. New Services and IoT products are available to make true the dream of the future Smart Cities.

The new UMPI proposal also applies to the environment control, thanks to biometrics and physical infrastructure monitoring solutions, and to the efficiency of large industrial and service complexes, such as stations, ports, airports, road, ...


  • To provide smart systems for companies and public entities for the remote management of public and external lighting and buildings with the aim of saving energy, reducing management costs, improving efficiency and quality of service.
  • Developing IOT services and applications for Smart City, by transforming the external lighting network into a smart network for value added services.
  • Respect the environment and help create a better world thanks to our innovative technological solutions.

The Group

Since 2017 Umpi has been part of the DigitalPlatforms.


DigitalPlatforms SPA is a young and rapidly growing Italian group that was established to provide end-to-end solutions, innovation, technologies, products, and system integration services to operators of critical infrastructure within the Italian system. Its focus is on the energy/utilities, telecommunications, and transportation sectors.

Thanks to the operating companies that are part of the Group, DP is able to express value for its customers in all the elements necessary to create an IoT solution, starting from the development, design and sensors production of and industrial electronics products, passing through the command and control systems and technologies, up to IoT platforms, their integration with customers' legacy systems and system integration and cybersecurity for heterogeneous environments.

The Digital Platforms group includes:



DigitalPlatforms is owned by the variable capital investment company LaCambre (“LC”) focused on Alternative Investments which present a return on investment higher than that offered by a traditional investment fund. An excellent opportunity was identified in the Internet of Things sector in Italy after a thorough market analysis conducted by LC. A reserved SICAV investment fund based in Luxembourg "LaCambre Sicav" was therefore created in order to purchase and integrate SMEs that already operate in the IoT market with the aim of creating the first IoT player in the EU.


Umpi in the world

From 1982 to today Umpi has constantly strengthened its presence in the world through a network of selected and qualified distributors.
All our partners meet precise reliability and competence requirements. For this reason we provide periodic training and updating courses, as well as continuous assistance in all phases of the project. Our primary objective is to maintain high quality standards provided to the end customer.


Our history

Umpi - Storia


Sustainable development, respect for the environment, protection of the needs of future generations have always been fundamental values of our company policy.

All our decisions, commitments and investments meet the criteria of eco-compatibility: from the selection of suppliers, to the optimization of production processes, to the design of advanced technological solutions aimed at reducing energy consumption and reducing polluting emissions.

This is why we are considered one of the most interesting realities of the Italian Green Economy, because a sustainable economy is possible and we demonstrate it every day, in every action, working with passion so that the "green dream" becomes true.


Read the Umpi Quality/Environment Policy 

Read the Umpi Quality/Environment Policy


With the aim of contributing to the protection of the environment, here as follows you can find the indications for the correct disposal of UMPI packaging and devices


Read the Envornmental Labeling


Every year a growing share of our turnover is invested in the heart of the company: the Research & Development department.

Our laboratory, made up of highly qualified personnel, carries out an incessant work of experimentation, continuous updating and training. A true customer-oriented research culture, to design innovative solutions that can help improve the quality of life. A constant commitment that has led the company to increase its skills, obtain prestigious awards and numerous registered patents.

In order to always be at the forefront and to seek technological excellence in the strategic business sectors, Umpi has developed solid partnerships with research centers, universities and companies, creating a network aimed at developing innovative ideas that can anticipate and satisfy future needs.


Throughout its history Umpi has received many honors and awards for its developed technologies.

  • 2022- It received the Ecovadis Bronze Medal for its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

  • 2019 - It received the Certificate “Seal of Excellence” from the European Commission in the Horizon 2020 program for the project SENSUM, Smart Electric Contact Surveillance System.

  •  2013 - It received the “SG PARIS 2013” aword as the most innovative solution in the SMART CITY category.

  • 2011 - It was awarded in the "Green Technologies" category, with the first Sette Green Awards, promoted by Corriere della Sera.

  • 2010 - It received the “ICTWM ICT Excellence Award” in Birmingham in the categorySpecial Award for High Growth Potential Business”;

  • 2010 - It was awared withElektro Expo Award in Bratislava during the “Leading Trade Fair of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Engineering”.

  • 2009 - It received the "Ok Italia" award from Unicredit Group in the category "Internationalization and excellence of the territory"

  • 1998 - It was awarded during the "National Energy and Environment Conference" organized by ENEA, with the "Special Energy and Environment Award".


  • TUV ISO 9001-14001       

Umpi is also a member of:

  • Talq Consortium   

  • Ecovadis



Umpi is made of people, faces….here is our management ..

Claudio Contini
Claudio ContiniPresidente CDA e L.R.
Fernando Leonardi
Fernando LeonardiCEO
Davide Piccaluga
Davide PiccalugaCTO

Corporate documents


The DigitalPlatforms Group, in full compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 24/2023, has adopted an Operating Procedure for the management of the reporting system (Whistleblowing) outlined below, which illustrates the reporting channels that can be used, the rights and protections of the reporters, and the managers identified as recipients of the reports (Whistleblowing Committee). As indicated therein, confidentiality will be guaranteed for each report, and, if requested by the reporter, complete anonymity

On this page, you will find the link to the connection platform for a written report, reminding you that there is the possibility to proceed with the report directly to the Committee also through regular mail.

All individuals interacting with the companies of the DigitalPlatforms Group are invited to review the content of the Procedure.

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