Smart Railway

What is Smart Railway?

The station becomes the nerve center of the network of services that can be offered to users, travelers and tourists.Smart Railway is an applications portfolio that meet the specific requirements of railways and railway stations.

Railways getting smarter

Management savings

Thanks to Smart Railway, the management and control of lights inside the railway station, external lights and underpass lights is much simpler. In particular:

  • Remote management in point-to-point mode;
  • Optimized maintenance management (tickets, repeated faults, fault management)
  • ON / OFF Lighting and dimming of the each lighting point lamp according to the trains arrivals and departures in automatic mode, in centralized manual mode or with weekly and astronomical timers.

Track temperature control

Through Smart Railway it is possible to continuously and punctually monitor the the single track temperature and monitor rail exchanges.
It also allows meteorological parameters control and alarms sending in case of exceeding the critical temperature levels.
The alarm levels can be modified through remote management.

Smart Railway also allows you to manage and control the heating system. The system is composed by:

  • thermo-regulating cables (heaters) which are anchored to the track and are activated when the outside temperature drops below a certain level, heating up to prevent the tracks exchanges from freezing;
  • weather station connected to concentrator for measuring external temperature / weather conditions;
  • local scada that manages the system.

The system has the aim of:

  • Check the site's environmental parameters for the activation of heat-regulating cables independently or send a report to SCADA for activation;
  • Check the track temperature where the heaters are installed for concentrator feedback on heater activation request;
  • Check the track temperature to check the heaters functioning;
  • Check the each heating cable consumption for functional check.

Level crossings monitoring

Thanks to Smart Railway it is possible to monitor the level crossings.

In particular:
- Monitoring the vehicles presence at a closed level crossing and sending alarm signals;
- Checking the correct functionality of the visual and sound systems and barrier control actuators.

Arki System

Arki System is the system that makes emergency management in railway tunnels more efficient and safe through the safety lightingc ommand and control. It allows you to constantly monitor the lamp operation for escape routes and to detect faults, anomalies and alarms in real time. And thanks to the powerline technology, Arki System uses the lamp power supply line to communicate between the devices, eliminating the need for expensive dedicated wiring.