Simple Life

What is Simple Life?

SimpleLife is the automation system that manages the interior and exterior spaces of the building with simplicity. Control, comfort, safety, consumption analysis, energy saving, IP solutions are integrated into a single intelligent platform, designed to adapt flexibly to the needs of the building. And thanks to PLC technology SimpleLife uses the existing power line to transmit data, eliminating the need for new dedicated wiring and expensive masonry work.

New Building Management scenarios

Flexibility and modularity without limits

Offices, industries, shopping centers, schools, health facilities, hotels, museums, public bodies. SimpleLife is a flexible and modular system, designed to adapt to any type of building. Thanks to its "open" architecture, it is possible to easily integrate software modules and hardware devices, keeping the existing system unchanged, without the need to add new wiring and damage the building structure.

Intelligence runs on the electric wire

SimpleLIfe is the first building automation system that uses PLC to communicate between devices. No more wiring and expensive masonry work. The power line already present in every environment is sufficient and all the solutions proposed can be applied with simplicity and flexibility.

From indoor to outdoor. 

SimpleLife is not just indoor. The outdoor spaces can also be managed in an integrated way for a 360 ° control of the building. It is possible to remote control the lighting and decide in a programmed way when to switch on, switch off or reduce the luminous flux of each light point; install wi-fi hot spots, IP cameras and information panels; know in real time the operating status and anomalies coming from remote controlled equipment (eg lamps, irrigation systems, pumps, etc.).