What is SimpleLife?

SimpleLife is the building automation system that manages indoor and outdoor spaces with simplicity. Control, comfort safety, consumption analysis, energy savings and IP solutions are integrated into a single intelligent platform, designed to fit the needs of the building with flexibility. And thanks to power line communication technology, SimpleLife uses the existing electrical wires to transmit data, eliminating the need to install new cables and undertake expensive renovation works.

Flexibility and modularity with no limits

Industries, shopping centres, schools, medical facilities, hotels, museums, and public offices. SimpleLife is a flexible and modular system designed to adapt to all types of buildings. Its "open" architecture allows to easily integrate software modules and hardware devices, while maintaining the existing system, without adding new wiring.

Intelligence runs on electric wire

SimpleLife is the first building automation system that uses power line communication for device communication. No more cables and expensive masonry works. Any power line is suitable and every solution can be applied with simplicity and flexibility. Thanks to broadband over power lines, SimpleLife transforms the electrical system into a new Ethernet network to offer new IP solutions (video surveillance, internet connectivity, LAN networks, digital signage) in building areas lacking a dedicated line. 

From indoor to outdoor: new building management scenarios

SimpleLife is not only indoor. Outdoor areas can also be integrated into building management to offer a complete solution. It is possible to control lighting by remote and program when to switch on, switch off, or dim every lighting point; install wi-fi hot spot, surveillance IP cams and information panels; have real-time information on anomalies and operating condition of remote controlled equipment (e.g. lamps, watering systems, pumps, etc...).