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Q. Is it possible to install SimpleLIfe without affecting the building?

R.SimpleLife is the first building automation system that uses wave technology conveyed to communicate between devices. This feature makes it possible to use the existing electricity grid in the building, thus avoiding costly masonry work to insert new cables.

Q. How can I save energy effectively, if I do not know the real power consumption in the different rooms of the building?

A. Before adopting effective energy saving measures, SimpleLife allows to analyze the consumption inside the building to identify the areas of greatest waste. Thanks to the measuring devices installed in the electrical panels, it is possible to know precisely the real energy consumption in the various environments, to decide where and how to activate savings interventions.

Q. How much energy can I save with SimpleLife?

A. With SimpleLIfe, it is the user who decides how much energy to save. Up to 30% energy savings can be saved through intelligent management of lights, temperature and electrical loads.

Can D.SimpleLIfe support the Energy Managers?
R. SimpLife, through the functions of control and analysis of consumption, is an ideal system for energy managers who can know in detail the energy waste present in the building and implement subsequent energy saving actions.

Q. Can the load management be automatic according to consumption?

A. It is possible to implement energy saving policies avoiding consumption peaks at certain times by disconnecting non-priority loads.

Q. How can I know if there is a fault or a malfunction in the building?

R. SimpleLIfe monitors the building status in real time. In case of critical events such as water and gas leaks, intrusion, overload and technical alarms, it sends text messages and e-mails to the authorized users to intervene promptly.

Q. How can I check the status and change the schedules outside the building?

A. The EasyCon supervision software is designed to be managed wherever you are. An internet connection is sufficient and through PCs, laptops or mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, mobile phones) the enabled user can easily check the status of the building and change the configurations of the implemented solutions.

Is D.SimpleLIfe able to manage only one building?

A. Through the EasyCon supervision system, it is possible, when required, to manage several buildings belonging to the same property.

Q. Should I buy the whole system right away or can I do it at different times?

R.SimpleLIfe is a modular system that is easy to expand: you can decide to control the lighting system today and tomorrow to extend the system, for example, to climate control to meet new needs and to distribute spending levels over time.
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