Minos System product line

Q. What is the advantage of adopting Minos System in lighting management?

R. Minos System is a system that allows remote control of every element that constitutes a public and external lighting system, up to the single light point. This allows targeted maintenance through punctual fault reporting and custom programming of energy saving by deciding when and where to turn on, turn off and reduce the light of the individual lamp. The constant use of the system and its correct programming saves up to 50% of the running costs with an average energy saving of 30%.

Q. Can the system be installed without checking the light point?

A. Yes, in this case Minos System only controls the modules at the square level with the possibility of obtaining energy savings (about 9%) by programming the switching on and off of the system via the astronomical clock. This solution does not allow significant energy savings.

Q. How long is the investment amortized?

R. The installation experiences made over the years have shown that the planned and constant use of the system leads to a return on investment in 3-7 years. To give a real evaluation it is necessary a general census of the plants and know the power of the lamps installed, how many lamps are connected by panel and the type of lamp.

Q. If a device in the system fails, what happens to the public lighting system?

A. Any failure or tampering with the Minos System devices does not alter the system which continues to operate regularly.
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