GF Tunnel Product Line

Q. In which tunnels can GF tunnel be installed?

R.GF Tunnel can be installed in long tunnels (distance above 1Km) and in short tunnels (distance less than 1Km)

Q. In what modes does GF Tunnel control the lamps inside the tunnels?

R.GF Tunnel can control the lamps in two ways: "point to point" for the control of the reference lamp (always on); island, for emergency lamps

Q. Is it necessary to lay down a dedicated line for the BT power supply of the buttons?

A. It is not necessary to draw up a dedicated line. The emergency button is powered, managed and controlled directly by the Syra TC INOX remote control device

Q. How many Syra TC peripheral devices can be managed by a central Andros TK?

R. Up to 64 Syra TC can be managed

Q. What checks are performed on the button?

R. GF Tunnel allows to carry out the following checks: pressing the button, locked button, one or two non-functioning LEDs

Q. What communication protocol do you use the tunnel GF system to transfer data to the framework PLC?

A. Communication is via RS 485 ModBus Standard RTU protocol
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