Prototype workshop

Under the responsibility of the Industrial Engineering it has been created a prototyping work team that collaborates with many partners and brings together diversified skills, making the most up-to-date rapid prototyping technologies available.

   Fast & effective

We provide, quickly, our clients with prototypes that allow to prevent issues that may arise and impact on the whole product design cycle.

   Representative of the final product

Our engineers, through the support of a network of suppliers, are able to identify the best materials similar to the final product. We are the perfect partner for anyone who wants to see realized their vision and touch it, before you entrust it to mass production.


Each prototype meets a specific need. Our capabilities allow us to satisfy every need in terms of rapid prototyping, production pre-series or small batches.
Le nostre capacità ci consentono di soddisfare ogni esigenza in termini di prototipazione rapida, pre-serie di produzione o piccoli lotti.