Fast and Flexible

The production of services for the electronics industry focus in market segment of flexible and medium size batches. After the release of the product design and industrialization process carried out in the Legnano office, prototyping, pre-series batches and production are transferred to our consolidated partners.
Dopo il rilascio del processo di progettazione e industrializzazione del prodotto realizzato nell’ufficio di Legnano, la prototipazione, i lotti di preserie e la produzione vengono trasferiti ai nostri consolidati partners.

Different clients, different needs

Through our partners we are able to meet the different production needs of our customers (both production of pre-series or small batches and production series in volume).

Fast & effective

Reached the regime needed, our customer can continue the production with us or move to facilities specialized in mass production, to which we can ensure fast know-how transfer.

Cost reduction

As soon as product and production is stable, Umpi SI triggers consolidated cost reduction processes on design, purchasing and manufacturing.