GF Tunnel

What is GF Tunnel?

GF TUNNEL is the system that makes emergency handling in railway tunnels more e fficient and safe through the command and control of security lighting. It allows constant monitoring of the functioning of the lamps for the escape routes and to detect faults, anomalies and alarms in real time. And thanks to the PLC technology, GF Tunnel uses the power supply line of the lamps to communicate between the devices, eliminating the need for expensive dedicated wiring.

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Security in "real time"

To ensure maximum safety in railway tunnels, lighting must always be efficient and functional.
GF Tunnel constantly monitors the status of lighting lamps in the escape routes. In the event of an alarm or failure, the system signals the event to the supervision software in real time to allow prompt intervention and immediately restore the security conditions.

GF Tunnel also allows to limit faults in the line of lamps derived from tensioning coming from the high voltage line of the train, ensuring the functioning of the system and lighting system even in critical conditions.

Lamp efficiency and maintenance savings

GF Tunnel allows to program periodic tests to know the correct functioning of the lamps and all components of the lighting system.
Thanks to this feature, the system produces significant savings on management and maintenance costs.

It will no longer be necessary to send dedicated personnel to carry out checks, but only to restore any anomalies detected during the tests.

The advantages of PLC

Thanks to power line transmission, installing GF Tunnel is simple and economical.

The system uses the electric line that powers the lighting of the lamps to communicate between the devices and to know the operating status of all the lights inside the tunnel, thus eliminating the need for expensive dedicated wiring.

Complete regulatory compliance

GF Tunnel is designed to comply with the standards and requirements for safety in railway tunnels established by the European Directive 54/2004 / CE, the Italian Law Decree of 28/10/2005 and the technical specifications Light and Force of RFI, Network Ferroviaria Italiana Ferrovie dello Stato Group.

All products are designed and manufactured to meet the required functional characteristics, ensuring maximum reliability and durability.

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