Engineering Development

The engineering development phase includes hardware design, software and firmware design, algorithmic, mechanical design and laboratory activities.

Hardware design: Fast and effective

We have an integrated approach to the product design. HW design is really committed on the entire product, working side by side with mechanical design and software design. We manage the complete hardware design flow starting from specifications definition, schematic entry, PCB design, lab testing up to final industrialization.

Low power design

We have an extensive esperience in low power battery operated systems capable to last for years.

Microcontroller and SoC based architecture

We know how to effectively design and optimize embedded systems for power, reliability and performances.

Design for reliability and cost reduction

We have an in-deep expertise in high integrity and long life systems. Our design approach is always focused on reliability and cost reduction.

IoT Gateway platforms

We manage different gateway platforms based on leading technologies covering fixed, mobile and wearable device.

Software and Firmware design: Endless possibilities

With an extensive experience in embedded software systems development and deployment across industrial verticals, our experts can offer ad hoc IoT consulting services for the development of a complete end-to-end IoT Embedded Software Solution. From developing end node devices, providing end-to-end secure connectivity, to central IoT applications running in the Cloud to web-based or mobile apps for data visualization. We also have the ability to develop algorithms to act on the data.

IoT Embedded Software Services

Full Cycle of Embedded software development including design, system architecture definition, coding, testing, customization, optimization and final deployment with agile development methods.

IoT Connectivity and Gateways Development Services

Solutions to create uninterrupted connectivity for IoT devices providing communication and processing interface to transfer data from end device to central server running in cloud.

IoT Cloud Platform and Applications

Design and Develop Cloud Platforms Architecture able to connect different IoT devices and cloud services together.

Algorithmic: Strength of Data Analytic

Our Data Scientist Team is able to develop advanced analytics, applying complex techniques of analysis (i.e. predictive models, machine learning and deep learning and other statistical algorithms) to analyze growing volumes of structured and semi-structured data.

Data Analytics Services

Data Scientist Team is able to get insights from data at edge or cloud side providing valuable business intelligence.

Full Data Science Technology Stack

We offer full data management stack to accomplish customer data analysis needs, from structured data storaging to data modeling till data visualization.

360° analysis

We bring its expertise in creating a real Analytics System in all the chains of the IoT solution, from the sensors and edge devices to Cloud Platform.

Mechanical design: Robust and innovative

Our expertise in making original mechanical designs and later turning prototypes into extraordinary, manufacturable products in short timeframes guarantees our customers get to market quickly. We remain at the forefront of new techniques, processes and materials, delivering pioneering and robust mechanical design. Furthermore our mechanical design in flexible following the needs of the customers, while meeting cost, performance and regulatory requirements.

Concept & feasibility

During this stage market and customer needs become a concrete and innovative concept. Economical and technical feasibility are the starting point of a flawless design.

Service design engineering

The best design is a user friendly design. A winning product is based on simple and effective man-machine interface with an innovative and technological core.

Reliability and advanced requirements

During the design cycle, we define our own development rules and requirements to exceed market standards and achieve higher quality.

Cost reduction

DFMA analysis provided by Industrial Engineering department are the inputs for our mechanical designers to reach design to cost solution.

Lab: Reliability and diversification

During the product development process we needs to quicly test and verify the solutions developed. We make it through partners with consolidated experience in testing activities on mechanical and electrical features, endurance tests, reliability tests, in addition to standard regulatory working tests of developed products. Moreover we meet the testing requirements of electronic designs in real-time. In addition to standard measuring equipment, our partners have specific instruments to perform the numerous electromagnetic compatibility tests.

EMC Test

We offer a fast and efficient way to CE mark with confidence, and we are committed to providing exceptional testing and EMC advice.

Environmental test

We offer a fast and efficient way to CE mark with confidence, and we are committed to providing exceptional testing and EMC advice.

Safety test

If a product is unsafe, it can be a very serious risk to health, along with the possibility of fire or explosion. We assure our clients that, with the tests we perform, it cannot happen.

Support for obtain international certification

We help our clients to obtain international certifications for electronic, electrical and mechanical products to achieve global market compliance.