Innovative and effective

Our design solutions are characterized by innovation. The blend of technologists, designers, electronics developers and manufacturing technicians gives us the highest credibility to develop innovative and intriguing products that are able to create an emotional tie with costumers.

Product design

We bring together creativity and engineering to explore shape, form, function and construction, ensuring the end product creates a more satisfying consumer experience. Activities: Ideation through brainstorming & mind mapping; Product trends analysis; Concepts generation; Product usability analysis; 3D modeling and rapid prototyping.

Service design

We conceive, shape and develop innovative services for all concerned touchpoints, either digital or physical, ensuring the best integration of all professional stakes. Activities: Customer journey mapping; System usability and accessibility enhancement; Service system design and Strategic design.

User Experience

We help companies gain real insight into their customers’ needs. Our deep understanding of human behavior turns ideas into successful, innovative design solutions. Activities: Use case analysis; Strategic road mapping; User experience analysis and optimization; Usability Test.