Amélie-les-Bains, a town of 3,800 inhabitants located in the eastern Pyrenees, given the growing sense of insecurity in recent years, has decided to use Minos System which, through public lighting, allows a video surveillance service to be activated to improve the security of citizens .

Costanza (Romania)

Thanks to Minos System, the public lighting in ConstanĊ£a, the largest port city on the west coast of the Black Sea and one of the most important tourist destinations in Romania, becomes smarter and more efficient.

Rixheim: "point to point" telecontrol and adaptive lighting

New application of Smart Lighting in Rixheim, French city of the Union of the Municipalities of Ile Napoléon in Alsace.

La Barben: safety and energy efficiency

La Barben, a small French tourist destination in Provence, chooses Minos System to manage the lights of the city and guarantee greater security to its citizens and tourists.

Latina becomes Smart City with Minos System

The Municipality of Latina, with an innovative project that looks at value-added services for citizens, is re-launched by becoming a multi-city Smart City managed by a single management platform: Minos System.

Istanbul becomes Smart thanks to Minos System

The capital of Turkey becomes Smart thanks to Minos System, which has made it possible to transform the lighting systems in Istanbul into a real network of services.

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