Umpi enriches its range of excellent products and services, offering the highest quality biometric solutions, designing and producing solutions for identifying people based on fingerprint recognition. In addition, Umpi presents the new range of products that will be essential to keep epidemics under control through a first screening on people who access a specific place by monitoring body temperature and automatically intercepting suspected cases. 

New biometric solutions for access control and people recognition

Excellent quality standards

Umpi designs and manufactures solutions for identifying people based on fingerprint recognition. The choice of biometric devices often arises from the need to increase security levels or to speed up identification processes that traditionally involve the use of passwords (often forgotten) or keys (high risk of loss).
Hardware and software products cover a wide range of applications, including hardware integration (OEM products) and software integration (Development Kits). Examples include: authentication to computer nets and systems, verification of a citizen's identity (electronic documents), time&attendance and access controls systems, forensic applications (police), border control. Umpi guarantees excellent quality and reliable technology which line up to the performance requirements and high accuracy required by professional applications.
The deep knowledge of fingerprint recognition techniques gives Umpi great flexibility to approach the problem in different application contexts, making it possible, in a short time, ad hoc customizations and integrations with third-party solutions.

User identification

In many situations there is a need to verify the identity of the user who is authorized to use a certain service type. The password use, in these cases, not only is not secure, but does not offer any possibility of limiting a certain type of access or benefit to a single user. Among the applications that, at present, can certainly benefit from fingerprint authentication are:

  • Home Banking service;
  • E-Trading Access to documents in remote archives and distributed databases;
  • Filing documents in archives;Filing documents in archives;
  • Business to Business Electronic Commerce .

A biometric module can be integrated into more complex devices in order to give them the possibility of reliably identifying their users. This integration has the double advantage of ensuring considerable security, limiting access only to authorized persons, and of avoiding users to carry keys or badges with them. An application list (not complete) is shown here:

  • Entrance doors, armored doors, electronic locks;
  • Alarm control units, Open gates;
  • Safes, security cabinets, racks;
  • ATM, Bancomat, POS, Vending machines;
  • Industrial equipments;
  • Vehicle start-up, satellite alarms

Government applications 

Historically, this is the sector that firstly employed biometrics (fingerprints in particular). More recently, biometrics is being considered with renewed interest to increase security against terrorism and fight illegal immigrations. World wide, several projects are planning to adopt biometrics for personal identification. The main applications are:

  • AFIS for criminal identification;
  • Civil AFIS to avoid multiple concession of benefits under false identities;
  • Security check in airports and prisons (staff access);
  • Traveller control at airports and borders;
  • Control of illegal immigration;
  • Electronic Passport, Visas and Residence Permits;
  • Electronic Identity Card and National Service Card.

Umpi references in biometry

Umpi devices are all designed and developed to guarantee the highest quality standards in terms of fingerprint recognition. For this reason Umpi has received the PIV certification (Personal Identify Verification) from the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI ).

Nato, State Police, Carabinieri are just a few of the most significant references.

Since 2017 UMPI has been the main supplier of fingerprint scanners for the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato (IPZS) in the projects related to the Electronic Passport and Electronic Identity Card.These projects have been implemented in all Italian municipalities and Italian embassies abroad. To date, UMPI has provided 20.000 scanners resulting the issuance of more than40.000.000 Electronic Identity Cards.

New solutions for the epidemics containment

Covid-19 emergency

The COVID-19 emergency is triggering the proliferation of physical security measures, for completely new types, supported and pushed by ministerial decrees and evolving regulations.
The pandemic phase 2 beginning and the subsequent phase 3, are creating a series of new needs, to date sketched in the Minister of Health words and in the Law Decrees texts passed for the emergency, which will force companies to acquire containment systems and active monitoring of potential contagion sources and company office protection, whether open to the public or not.
UMPI, thanks to its previous experience in the Smart Cities and in the biometric one, responds to these needs with a complete range of different systems that allow to detect the body temperature both of large flows of people over large areas and by managing single access gates.
The new range of Umpi products will be essential to keep epidemics under control through a first screening on people who access a specific place by monitoring body temperature and automatically intercepting suspected cases.

Umpi solutions for body temperature monitoring

Short range sensors and thermoscanners: Positioned near the individual access gates they detect the individual's temperature and implement an immediate block of access, without the need for security personnel to intervene. It is possible to integrate the temperature detection with acoustic / light signals and user counting and identify the individual user, on the company database, to regulate access to the buildings.

High precision thermal cameras: Positioned near high volume user access gates, such as stations, ports, access gates of large industrial groups, supermarkets, etc. They immediately give feedback to security personnel regarding the presence of people with abnormal body temperature.

Short range sensors and thermoscanners

This product line devices are perfect for carrying out a first screening on people who access a specific place, automatically intercepting suspicious cases. They are can be used by companies, shops, public facilities, airports, stations, fairs, shopping centers, hotels and any place with people passing by with the aim of monitoring access in real time and without errors.
They detect the temperature of the individual and can immediately block access. Temperature detection is reliable and fast, with an accuracy of ± 0.3 ° C.


High precision thermal cameras

Able to monitor high-traffic access gates, they detect the temperature of groups of individuals at the same time and can implement an immediate block of access. As with thermal scanners, also high precision thermal cameras can be used by companies, schools, shops, public facilities, airports, stations, trade fairs, shopping malls, hotels and any place with people passing by.
In addition to temperature detection, these device are equipped with the functionality of capturing face image and recording them on local memory.