Fingerprint scanners for Government applications

Historically, this is the sector that firstly employed biometrics (fingerprints in the specific). More recently, biometrics is being considered with renewed interest to increase security against terrorism and fight illegal immigrations. World wide, several projects are planning to adopt biometrics for personal identification. The main applications are:

  • AFIS for criminal identification
  • Civil AFIS to avoid multiple concession of benefits under false identities
  • Security check in airports and prisons (staff access)
  • Traveller control at airports and borders
  • Control of illegal immigration
  • Passports and VISA cards

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Users Identification

In many situations there is the need to verify the identity of the user allowed to access a certain service.The use of passwords in these scenarios not only is unsafe but it does not guarantee the exclusive access to a single person to a certain service. ‚Äč
Between the applications wich can surely benefit from fingerprints authentication there are:
  • Home Banking services
  • E-Trading
  • Access to documents stored in repositories and in distribuited databases
  • Deposit of documents in repositories
  • Elettronic transactions Business to Business
The integration of a biometrics module inside a more complex device permits to this one to identify its users in a safe and autonomous way. This integration has the benefits to ensure a top-notch security, to guarantee the exclusive access to authorized personnel only, and to avoid the use of physical keys or badges.
A list (not complete) of possible applications is:
  • Entrance doors, Armored doors, electronic locks
  • Alarm control units, gate openers
  • Safeboxes, Security Cabinets, Gun Racks
  • ATM, POS, Vending machines
  • Industrial machinery
  • Vehicle starters, Satellite alarms
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