Our world is changing. Objects come to life, become smart, and help us in everyday life. The cities become smart, adapt to our needs and interact with us. Energy and communication technologies allow us to live longer and more healthy, respect the environment and preserve the health of citizens and workers, wasting less and optimizing resources.
And we are only at the beginning of this great transformation.
Umpi participates in this great change by supplying products and systems that transform power grids into smart grids, able to make the devices that make up a Smart City communicate with each other. From the remote management of public and external lighting, to automation and efficiency upgrading of buildings and productive infrastructures to support for mobility; and other innovative services, our solutions allow companies and public entities to save energy, respect the environment, reduce management costs, increase efficiency and offer value added services.
Umpi has a great history behind, and today starts with a renewed drive: realize the solutions that will define Smart Cities of the future.
A new international ownership, a new management team, focused on creating value for customers, a renewed push towards internationalization, because we think our world has borders no more, and we are proud to be one of the small and medium-sized Italian companies that export our values ​​in the world: skills, passion, commitment, style.

On 4 June 2013 Umpi wins the "SG Paris 2013" award as best innovative solution for SMART CITY category. The prize is awarded by a jury of eight members, both institutional and academic, from ADEME, CDC, CEE, CGI Business Consulting, FNCCR, La Tribune, Université Paris Descartes, Supelec.

Dubai chooses to equip with Minos System technology the residential area of Al Garhoud realizing the first Smart Street in the United Arab Emirates.


SimpleLife is born, the first system of building automation based on power line communication technology.

Umpi becomes partner of Telecom Italia in the realization of the new SmartServices platform.
First installation of Minos System on Great Britain motorways.

GF Tunnel is born, a remote control system for safety lighting in railway tunnels.

First Minos System installation in Saudi Arabia in the Holy city of Mecca

The Minos System brand is born, the world's first patented remote management system for outdoor lighting. Firsts installations in France are made.

UMPI realizes the first prototype of remote control system for street lights on one hundred lamps of the RING of Bruxelles.

UMPI technology is used in the Gran Sasso Tunnel and on the call systems connected to the Senate chamber of the Italian parliament.

The first HS-OC product line for integrated building automation systems with power line communication and BUS technology is born. UMPI starts the export of its product lines for the safety and control of buildings.

In order to avoid expensive wiring in hotels imposed by the legislation that required for the installation of bells in the bathrooms for emergency calls, we decided to use the existing power grid to send and receive alarms. Thanks to the help of Ing.Alberto Grossi, the first prototype system for emergency calls using power line communication is realized.
In 1982 UMPI was born depositing the first patent for "rescue call system in bathrooms".

for future use.

for future use.

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