Martes 18 Julio 2017

Nei tre chilometri del tratto della ciclovia Alpe Adria, tra Resiutta e Moggio Udinese, la tecnologia Minos System ha permesso, all’interno di due ex gallerie ferroviarie, di realizzare un sistema ad hoc d’illuminazione adattiva per la sicurezza dei ciclisti e il risparmio energetico.

Martes 23 Mayo 2017

Metlac, second European company in the "metal packaging cloathing" division chooses SimpleLife to expand the digitizing process and factory automation according to Industry 4.0 trend, becoming one of the first examples of Italian Smart Factory.

Jueves 18 Mayo 2017

Lighting is a key factor to ensure greater safety.In prisons takes even more strategic value to prevent malfunctions that can create dark areas inside and outside.

Lunes 13 Marzo 2017

The lighting of the Milton-Strozzi underpass, fundamental construction realized during the completion of Line 3.1 of the new Tramway of Florence, is now remote managed by Minos System.

Miércoles 08 Marzo 2017

Andros HT is the new central unit of Minos System created for tunnel street light remote management.